Graphic Designer / Artist / Animator / Photographer

      Matt Mortensen is a unique and creative individual.  He has a passion for art and design and loves to share it with others.  Since graduating in 2011, Matt has done work for nationally recognized brands such as Crossfit and Hooters.  Strong work ethic and an attention to detail separate Matt from any other usual candidate.  He can work with a team or by himself and get high volumes of work done on time and to the customer’s specifications.  He has a thorough understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite with a Professional level of understanding with Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects.  Matt is an Artist who paints, draws, and uses computer technology for creating new and exiting ways to show off his work.  He does work for various charity organizations such as the MACC (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer) fund, and the PNUT fund.  Matt is a leader and is often promoted to leadership roles because of his ability to understand and utilize directions.  He often sees ways to overcome obstacles that many do not and can properly communicate his ideas in a way, which helps everyone understand.  Matt is a team player and can become easily seeded into any work atmosphere.  He is intelligent and ambitious and loves to see a good plan come together.

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