Help I’m Lost!

Welcome To Mortopia

     Hello!  The glorious land of Mortopia welcomes you.  What is Mortopia you ask?  Seriously did you ask that?  My hearing is so bad.  Earbuds and amplifiers are not good for the ears.  At least thats what the “lab coats” keep telling me.  Anywho, back to it.  Mortopia!… is a place I made up.  I think in French it means “DeathPlace,” which is pretty cool but highly irrelevant to what I’m talking about.  I made up Mortopia for a bunch of reasons, I’m out of shape, my friends are too cool for me, I think I’m funny… Who am I?  Does the name Matt Mortensen ring a bell?  No?  Well good.  I’d be worried if you had heard of me.  I’m not one of these hollyweird elites running around.  I graduated from an ok college in Wisconsin and now do art and animation in my free time.  Why am I doing this?  I got a story to tell and I like to draw dumb stuff.  Is there any better reason?  Well, probably.

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